CHANGAN’s new EV DEEPAL S7 starts pre-sale at 169,900 yuan


On May 20, DEEPAL, the EV brand under Changan Auto, officially announced the pre-sale price of its second model, the DEEPAL S7. The pre-sale price range is 169,900 to 239,900 yuan. The car is positioned as a medium-sized SUV and offers extended-range hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen-electric versions for consumers to choose from. The official said that the Deep Blue Auto Strategy will be released in the middle of this year, and the DEEPAL S7 will also be launched simultaneously.

In terms of appearance, the new car continues the family-style design style of DEEPAL SL03. The slender headlights enhance the aggressiveness of the front face, and the design of the large-sized air vents is still retained below. In addition, whether it is a hydrogen-electric version, a pure electric version or a range-extended hybrid version, its front face adopts a closed grille design.

At the rear of the car, the new car also continues the family-style design style, adopting a bar-type taillight design. Since the range-extended model adopts a hidden exhaust design, the tail shapes of all models are also exactly the same. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4750/1930/1625mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2900mm.

Walking into the car, although the interior of the new car can still see the shadow of DEEPAL SL03 in the overall design, it is different in many details. The center is still equipped with a floating central control large screen, and the air outlets of the air conditioner are arranged on both sides and below the screen, instead of a coherent shape. The shape of the steering wheel is basically the same as that of DEEPAL SL03, but it is not equipped with an instrument panel. In addition, the shape of the overall center console creates a strong sense of embracing.

DEEPAL S7 is the first SUV of Changan EPA1 platform. This platform is an all-electric platform compatible with various power configurations such as pure electric, extended range, and hydrogen fuel. In addition, one of its selling points is the rear drive, we believe that the driving experience is worth looking forward to. In terms of power, DEEPAL S7 pure electric model has a maximum power of 160kW and 190kW. The range extender version is a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 70kW and a peak power of the drive motor of 175kW.

As the second model of DEEPAL, DEEPAL S7 maintains a family-style design style, which is fashionable and young overall. With the excellent experience of the infotainment system, this car has a good degree of attention. As this car enters the market in the future, it will compete with models such as Leapmotor C11 and BYD Frigate 07, which are also positioned as medium-sized SUVs. Since it provides a variety of power options to make it more comprehensive for consumer groups, it is expected to have a good sales data performance.