Changan Deepal G318 Officially Launched, Priced Between 175,900-318,000 Yuan


Changan Deepal brand officially launched its mid-to-large SUV, the Deepal G318. The new car is available in 6 models, including two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, range-extened hybrid vehicle, with a price range of 175,900-318,000 yuan. The vehicle adopts a load-bearing body, extended-range power, full-time four-wheel drive system and dual differential locks. In addition, the vehicle will also provide a rich variety of original factory expansion parts, including luggage racks, searchlights, electric pedals, spare tires, etc.


The vehicle adopts a tough off-road design style, officially named “Interstellar Warship”. The front face is equipped with a wide front bumper and an overall blackened design, matched with C-shaped headlights on both sides, showing a tough and sporty shape. In addition, the Deepal G318 also has a roof searchlight that can provide a 250m² lighting area and is combined with a luggage frame for a refined look.

Body Side

On the side of the body, Deepal G318 continues the tough and straight line design, and is equipped with widened off-road guard plates on the side skirts, front and rear wheel arches. Deepal G318 adopts 18/20-inch wheels and provides three styles, and optional original AT tires can also be selected. According to the official, its roof luggage rack can dynamically bear up to 80kg and statically bear 300kg, and a roof tent can also be optionally installed to expand the upper and lower double-layer space to accommodate five people for rest.


The rear of the Deepal G318 takes the theme of “Space Gate”, and the solid and thick bumper shape is matched with a full-size external spare tire, making the tough off-road vehicle’s attributes unique and recognizable. In addition, the vehicle will also be equipped with original tow hooks and high-position brake lights to further ensure off-road driving safety. The top-equipped model also provides an electric tailgate. In terms of body size, the vehicle is 5010/1985/1895(1960) mm in length, width and height, and has a wheelbase of 2880 mm.


The interior design concept of the Deepal G318 follows the tough off-road style, and provides 3 interior color options. The large-area straight-line contour lines create a thick central control shape, matched with a large number of physical buttons, a thick gear lever and a hollowed-out armrest, making it convenient to operate various functions under various driving conditions. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel and a 14.6-inch central control screen, creating a good sense of technology, and is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof + electric sunshade.


In terms of configuration, the Deepal G318 provides front seat ventilation/heating, 540° panoramic image (including driving recorder function), lane keeping, lane departure warning, sentry mode, driver fatigue reminder, Deepal OS ecological upgrade + “display enhancement” visual experience, full-car five-layer double-layer soundproof glass, ENC active noise reduction technology, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the vehicle also provides a one-touch flat seat design, the trunk volume can be expanded from 818L to 1747L, and 31 storage spaces are designed, which makes the interior of the vehicle very flexible and expandable. The Deepal G318 will be equipped with ET all-terrain system, which integrates 16 driving modes, including 5 daily modes, 5 terrain modes (water wading mode, snow mode, bumpy mode, mud mode, sand mode), 3 special scenarios (tank u-turn、HDC、Crawl Control), 3 energy management modes, covering a variety of terrain modes.


The Deepal G318 will be equipped with an extended-range power system, the 1.5T turbocharged engine can output a maximum power of 150 horsepower, and is divided into single-motor and dual-motor versions. Among them, the maximum power of the single-motor version is 185kW and the peak torque is 310N·m; the front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive version has a maximum power of 131kW for the front motor and 185kW for the rear motor, with a total system power of 316kW and a peak torque of 572 N·m.

The Deeal G318 is equipped with a 35.07kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, with a combined cruising range exceeding 1000km, and a pure electric cruising range of 190km under CLTC conditions. It is reported that when the battery is exhausted, the four-wheel drive model has a fuel consumption of 6.7L/100km (CLTC) under fuel-engine-driving conditions, and the two-wheel drive model has a fuel consumption of 6.1L/100km (CLTC) under the same conditions.

In addition, the vehicle adopts a front double wishbone + rear five-link independent suspension system. The top trim models offer magic carpet air suspension + CDC (continuously damping control), which can be adjusted for softness and height, and are also equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system, dual differential locks, R-EPS steering system, and a 6kW external discharge function.