CHANGAN Auto Release CS75 Plus, Carry 2.0T+8AT Powertrain


A few days ago, CHANGAN Auto released the official image of the CS75 replacement model CS75 PLUS (internal code was S311). Compared with the current CS75 model, the new car adopts brand new design style, the power is 2.0T+8AT.

In appearance, CS75 PLUS adopts a new design language, which provides two styles of appearance, including the regular version and sport version. From the picture, the front face of the CS75 PLUS uses a very unique through-LED daytime running light that connects the sharply shaped headlights on both sides. The grille is still X-shaped style, official say it is “Yuyue”family design. Among them, the front grille of the regular version is filled with a number of horizontal chrome trim strips, and the opening on both sides is small in size; the sports version uses an all-black painted grille, the interior is an array of black trims. The openings on both sides are also larger and more exaggerated.

On the side of the body, CS75 PLUS has a harmonious proportion, the straight side window bottom line and the elegant segmented waist line complement each other, with side window chrome trim strips, side door bottom trim strips, fender chrome trim pieces, etc. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a whirlwind five-spoke two-color rim.

In the rear part, the irregular shape of the LED tail light group is the highlight of CS75 PLUS, which creates a sense of technology and fashion. CS75 PLUS is also equipped with a shark fin antenna, a large rear spoiler, bilateral two-out exhaust, combined with a layered overall design of the tail, excellent visual effects. In terms of power, CS75 PLUS will carry the Blue Whale 2.0 TGDI engine as same as CS85-COUPE SUV. The maximum power is 233hp, peak torque is 360 N.m. The transmission system is matched with Aisin 8-speed tiptronic transmission.