Benni Mini Review and Road Test – Driving and Control


Benni Mini Drive Test: A typical micro-car suspension, nice loaner car

Benni Mini uses MacPherson independent front suspension, we can see a stout anti-roll bars from the diagram which prevent roll in turnBenni Mini front McPherson and rear non-independent axle type coil spring suspension systemBenni MINI adopted front McPherson and rear non-independent axle type coil spring suspension system. The so-called axle type coil spring rear suspension is actually a ratio of non-independent torsion beam suspension a more simple structure, almost the wheel center beam connecting the two wheels connected to springs and other components mounted directly on the beam, that such suspension In fact, the whole bridge is essentially hanging in the side of the wheel the other side of the wheel vibration will generate significant interference, turn on the handling out of the question. This design in the A-and A0-class car is almost not there, but because of simple structure, the design is easy and therefore widely used by micro-cars, such as the new Alto, QQ, Riich M1, Spark, Benni and so on.

The center of wheel almost connects with beam, springs and other components mounted directly on the beam, that is in fact a whole bridge suspension.

Although the hardware is technically impressive, but Benni Mini overall calibration performance is good in micro-car, in fact, he has worked on development projects CHANA Suzuki, chief engineer for 13 years, considerable research and development in the small car experience. According to the end of the day’s test drive experience, Benni MINI‘s walk features the new Alto car with the star in many ways extremely similar.

The red stand is the axial position bar to use for fixing rear axle, the same it can not afford to absorb vibration and anti-roll effect.

To 80km / h speed is not peace in the concrete pavement on the entire cruise, most of the neutral shock suspension would have passed to the car, sometimes by a row of small deceleration zone, caused by the bounce is quite evident. But this for the mini-car, especially after using such independent axle suspension models, the performance is normal. Because the task of absorbing road shock springs and shock absorbers entirely borne, no bar (for example, torsion beam) as the secondary, so in order to provide adequate support efforts bends, shock and spring should tend to be hard to set up neutral set. However commendable that in the event of severe vibration Benni MINI body’s overall sense of well when there is no trivial concern loose.

It immediately becomes soft in high-speed turning while it was tight in straight road, roll rate Tingda, the roll width is quite large, understeering is obvious, the screaming tires remind you to release the pedal

To the sharp bends and rapid change lines, it is obviously not Benni MINI played this mini-car occasion. Although fairly good straight line stability when walking body, but as long as the steering wheel a sharp turn after the roll is pretty obvious, just hanging back you tend to be hard feelings, but now changed face should be soft and lack sufficient support strength. This feature is also a decision of suspension structure, no torsion beam no roll bars, body roll rate will only increase with the increasing deterioration. In summary, Benni MINI is a very competent means of transport, but not always fast and intense speed micro-cars are good at.

 Kumho 175/60R13 tire is considered as wide-base tires in micro-level car, you got to know the new Fit OE tire is only just 175/65R15

Conclusion: The society is progressing, manufacturers in progress, the consumer is also progress, for 5 years, I am afraid the majority of consumers into the 4S shops are not concerned with variable timing engine, what multi-link independent suspension, sound like enough as long as the brand enough to sit up enough for a spacious atmosphere also directly signing up. But if today I define ghost with this idea of some consumer products, or a short time will be very popular, but in the long run is absolutely not work.  in Benni MINI above we see the progress of CHANA Auto, manufacturers have also seen the sincerity and pragmatic. The pursuit of a just peace of mind to consumers affordable scooter, he is indeed a good choice.

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