BYD F0 Review and Road Test – By Auto Chinese


No one is perfect, even a car. But even a total of not more than fifty thousand RMB (around USD 7.5K) entry-level car, we will also ” earnest wish ” it’s perfect. As we talk about BYD F0, it inherited Chery QQ’s lovely appearance, but also not rely on exaggerated shape to attract eyeballs by comparing with Geely Panda (Geely LC). Based on the optimization of its prototype vehicle, and the sophisticated technology, it’s really impressed us. Of course, some of product deficiencies in design also shows it still has a very large room for improvement.


In some traditional people’s concept, they want a car with “big” room, a traditional sedan is the best choice for going out with a appointment or have a meeting. In recent years, the fusion of global culture, box car, mini cars, is starting to enter people’s vision, for just new driver, or economic choice, a mini-car became preferred car for first purchase. It’s right we want to introduce you today – Mini Car BYD F0.

BYD F0 AppearanceAppearance
“Little Guy” is the first impression I’ve seen BYD F0, the mainstream four-door design placed in a compact body which is less than 3.5 m, it’s cute and practical.
BYD F0 InteriorInterior  In view of micro-positioning vehicles in 30-40K thousand RMB (USD6-7K) cost, BYD F0 interior process is not precise, but some parts of design and details arrangements are very ingenious.
BYD F0 DetailsDetail Parts  Rear windows open is designed as push-to-open which is one of F0’s most significant features, the unique window design is complement with its vehicle style …
BYD F0 SpaceSpace 
BYD F0’s body length is less than 3.5 m, head and leg space are not as cramped as we can image after our actual measurements…
BYD F0 manipulationHandling
Cute F0’s manipulation is as flexible as its light body, it’s like a pixie going through the city …

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