BYD F0 Review and Road Test – Interior


BYD F0’s interior design is simple, the overall tone is dark, it would be boring if stay to long in it. From the view of modeling, it still draws in the whole Toyota AYGO design style, and it has also injected some new elements in some parts such as the center console, such as the YARIS. However, it combines very well ,there is no trace of rote.

BYD F0’s interior style is simple, the workmanship process has been greatly increased than past micro-car, it break out the impression that cheap car = mini car

BYD F0 Interior

Almost all Interior design elements were taken from Toyota AYGO, the center console was taken from Yaris, the interface between these two are very natural, no any rigid sense

As the same of its appearance, BYD F0’s internal process has also been significantly improved. Defective wools can be hardly found out from BYD F0 which would happen in other same level car in the past, but also has well-balanced gap. F0’s steering wheel uses polyurethane materials, the surface is very soft.

Self-luminous dashboard is very clear and beautiful, the location of tachometer is the finishing touch

The dashboard behind the steering wheel is very cute, style is like MINI, of course, its design also comes from AYGO. As it adopts self-luminous design, so texture is better than other same level car. The left smaller one is the tachometer, the bigger one is speedometer, the style is sweet, but the plastic feel is quite strong.

Full-featured sound system, position of the keyboard location is clear. Support for CD, AUX interface, FM / AM and other modes

Many indicators such as fuel gauge are in the middle of speed meter. It displays the margin of the fuel through the six white grids on LCD screen, very intuitive. However, we also found some problems while using: Since this liquid LCD display is completely an analog form, it’s not like the traditional instruments, it won’t shows directly how much gas is remained but  suddenly shows it’s going to be out of gas, and made it unaware unprepared, so it needs to gradually explore the use of its laws. In early use, especially long distances travel, as much as possible to keep more than three cells.

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