BAW Wangpai M7 EV is on the market with price from RMB 144,800


We learned from the official that BAW (Beijing Auto Works) has launched two new models, among which, the Wangpai (Means “Trump Card”) M7 pure electric version is officially launched, with a price range of 144,800 to 164,800 yuan. The Wangpai M7 gasoline version has a new 5-seater model, and the price is 66,800 yuan.

Wangpai M7 is a product that focuses on the light vehicle market. The EV version launched this time has a variety of internal spaces. There are 10 models with 2 seats, 5 seats, 7 seats, standard axle and long axle to choose from. The length, width and height of the body are respectively 4880 (5240)1870/1950mm, the wheelbase is 2880 and 3220mm. The pure electric version launched this time has a NEDC range of 260, 276 and 320km, a maximum power of 60kw, and a peak torque of 220N m.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a new front face design, showing its exclusive new energy identity. In terms of interior, the new car uses two LCD screens, which still look a little high-end. The overall materials are actually relatively ordinary, but they also meet its price.

The newly added gasoline version is equipped with a 1.6L engine with a maximum power of 124 horsepower. The configuration is only basic configuration, ABS, steel ring, remote control key, fabric seat, rear seat down, 2 speakers, etc.