Ctrip Overseas Taxis Platforms Integrated with Baidu Map


On September 19th, Ctrip overseas taxis service announced a strategic cooperation with Baidu Map to upgrade the overseas taxi experience from technology, enabling visitors to view the route on Baidu map and realize the “one-click taxi” function. As of now, Ctrip’s overseas taxis have covered 886 cities in 56 countries around the world.

Baidu Maps was launched in 2005 and opened overseas services in 2016, it has now covered world wide. At the end of 2017, Ctrip App has launched taxi function, and in June this year, it cooperated with Qunar.com to launch a high-end online car-hailing service in China.

On July 11 this year, Ctrip’s overseas taxi function was officially launched, it integrated with the mainstream taxi platforms in Southeast Asia countries such as Grab. After the Ctrip overseas taxi function is connected to Baidu map, users can use the “one-click taxi” service in the basic map search and navigation functions.

At present, the demand for taxis is increasing day by day when Chinese passengers travel abroad. According to data from Ctrip’s overseas taxi platform, the number of summer taxi orders in 2019 increased by 192% from the previous month and increased by 385% from last year. The regions with the largest demand for overseas vehicles are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.