Baidu Delivers Sixth-Generation Apollo RT6 Autonomous Vehicle, Priced at RMB 204,600


Baidu today announced the official delivery of its sixth-generation Apollo RT6 (Chinese name “颐驰06” or Yi Chi 06) autonomous vehicle, now named the Apollo RT6. Priced at RMB 204,600 (~US$28,300), the Apollo RT6 is the first vehicle equipped with Baidu’s sixth-generation Apollo intelligent system solution. It will be deployed in Baidu’s Robotaxi service, marking a significant milestone in the development of autonomous driving technology.

Swappable Battery Design for Enhanced Efficiency

The Apollo RT6 adopts a swappable battery design, enabling the vehicle to automatically switch batteries without human intervention. The entire battery swapping process can be completed in just three minutes, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Designed for Future Mobility

The Apollo RT6 is a mass-produced vehicle independently developed and designed by Baidu for future mobility. The entire vehicle has been carefully designed to meet passenger needs and unmanned driving scenarios. Currently, the new Robotaxi vehicles have taken the lead in commercial operation in Wuhan, and they will be promoted to more cities in the future. In addition, the official also said that the Apollo Self-Driving (ASD) will be mass-produced soon and will be equipped on all Jiyue models. It can be driven anywhere in China and anywhere there is a Baidu map.

Apollo ADFM: A Breakthrough in Autonomous Driving

At the event, Baidu Apollo also unveiled the world’s first large model, Apollo ADFM (Autonomous Driving Foundation Model), which supports L4-level autonomous driving. Driven by large models, Apollo ADFM reconstructs autonomous driving based on large model technology. It can balance the safety and generalization of technology, making it more than 10 times safer than human drivers and achieving full coverage of complex scenes in the entire city. Relying on the application practice of the autonomous driving large model, Baidu Robotaxi has conquered the complex road scenes in Wuhan and achieved full coverage of the entire city and all-time scenes in Wuhan, providing convenient unmanned travel services to nearly half of the citizens of Wuhan.

Distinctive Design and Comfortable Interior

In terms of appearance, the Apollo RT6 has a unique headlight design, similar to scissors, and the two headlights are connected by a waiting area. The new car is equipped with Starlight headlights, which have recognition, prompt, and interaction functions. The roof of the new car is equipped with laser radar devices in multiple directions.

The Apollo RT6 combines the advantages of MPVs and SUVs, adopting a two-tone body design. The side of the car has a sliding door for convenient passenger entry and exit. When passengers get in the car, they can use the password on the B-pillar to unlock the door. In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, and height of 4765/1885/1715mm and a wheelbase of 2830mm. The rear of the vehicle is also in two-tone design and adopts a bar-typetaillight design. The style of the tail light is also very unique.

In terms of interior, the new car will still be equipped with a steering wheel. However, since it is an unmanned vehicle, the central control area of the front row is relatively simple, with only a steering wheel and a multimedia information screen.

The vehicle adopts a 4-seat layout, with the focus on the two passenger seats in the rear row. Passengers can use voice control to control the vehicle’s comfort control functions. The two independent seats in the second row have ample legroom and support electric backrest adjustment, massage, heating, and electric leg rests. At the same time, the rear row has side airbags and side curtains.

Powerful Electric Powertrain

In terms of power, the new car will adopt pure electric drive, using a motor from BYD FinDreams Powertrain Co., Ltd., with a maximum power of 110 kilowatts. The battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery, and the top speed is 135 km/h.

A Vehicle with Advanced Autonomous Driving Technology

Official says, Apollo RT6 is not only a car, but also a good driver. Its built-in autonomous driving technology is equivalent to a driver with 20 years of driving experience. Apollo RT6 is equipped with Baidu’s latest generation of autonomous driving system, which has stronger L4 level autonomous driving ability than the previous generation model, and can cope with various complex urban roads and scenes. it is equipped with a vehicle grade high computing power main redundant dual computing unit, with a computing power of up to 1200Tops. The deep fusion of 38 sensors in the entire vehicle achieves full coverage of triple detection capabilities in the far, medium, and near directions, with more precise perception capabilities.