Baidu Apollo Welcomed New Members, Total 178 units have joined


Baidu Apollo is a relatively large open platform for autonomous driving in China. Autonomous driving is not a game that can be solved by itself. Recently, Baidu Apollo official Weibo released news that its autonomous driving open platform welcomes a number of new ecological partners, autonomous driving startup company White Rhino (, Guangdong Transportation Planning and Design Institute, Shanghai Urban Construction Design Research Institute, Tongji University Building Design Institute became a new member of Baidu Apollo platform.

White Rhino is a company founded by a former Baidu driverless team member. At present, White Rhino’s business focuses on the research and development of instant delivery unmanned vehicles. Several unmanned distribution vehicles have been tested and trial-operated in Beijing Zhongguancun Environmental Protection Technology Demonstration Park. It is reported that White Rhino will be equipped with Baidu Apollo platform in its vehicle-road collaboration products and solutions. Baidu Apollo will join hands with White Rhino to participate in intelligent transportation demonstration projects in cities across the country.

Baidu has reached strategic cooperation with three local design institutes, with different cooperation priorities: together with Guangdong Communications Institute, based on the Apollo platform to provide comprehensive and intelligent solutions for the areas of autonomous driving, vehicle-road collaboration, and intelligent vehicle coupling; The institute carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation to achieve the integration of informatization and industrialization; together with Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute, explored and implemented the corresponding business model to accelerate the transition of technology to products.

In December 2019, Baidu Apollo continued to upgrade on the basis of the open platform for autonomous driving, and released two open platforms, vehicle-road collaboration and smart car alliance. According to Baidu, Baidu Apollo has 36,000 developers worldwide, 178 ecological partners, and has open sourced 560,000 lines of code.