FOTON Motor Released Its EV Pickup Tunland IBLUE (ZHILIAN) At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Foton Motor’s officially released the pure electric pickup truck, the Tunland IBLUE (It calls “智联”-Zhilian in China market), the IBLUE AUTO is the newly released new energy sub-brand from FOTON Motor. The appearance of Tunland IBLUE pickup is similar to Tunland fuel version, the truck bed is replaced with a truck cap, the storage capacity is retained.

In terms of appearance, Tunland IBLUE is basically the same as fuel version of Tunland E7. The front grille is fully enclosed and features a purely electric blue trim strip on both side of the FOTON badge, demonstrating the identity of its pure electric vehicle.

Based on its pure electric multi-purpose passenger vehicle positioning, Tunland IBLUE uses a closed truck cap. A black rubbing strip on the top of the wheel arch enhances the power of the car. The mirrors are chrome-plated, and the roof and luggage rack enhance the practicality. The new car has a length and width of 5310/1880/2070mm and wheelbase of 3105mm. The six-spoke wheel style is novel and uses 245/70 R16 tires.

Due to the design of the closed truck bed, the tail part appears to be taller. The tailgate features an all-in-one design, much like the tailgate of an SUV. There is an oversized cargo space, the side windows are large, which also provides a good light for the truck bed. The shape of the taillight is the same as that of Tunland fuel models, the triangle design is very recognizable.

In the interior, Tunland IBLUE is the same as Tunland E5, the functional area is very clear. The front of the three-spoke steering wheel is a traditional mechanical instrument panel, the power meter on the right side.

In terms of power, the new car uses a high-density ternary lithium battery with a battery capacity of 68 kWh, energy density is 143.4Wh/kg. The NEDC range is 310km, official declared the acceleration time from 0-50km/h is 4.3s.