Beijing BUS Driver Racing With BWM, “Dragon Tail” Forced Stopping BWM


Recently, a video from a driving recorder on the Internet got hot in China. A bus rush to the left immediately after the start, forcing a BWM X1 that was starting at the same time to be forced to stop. The BMW driver was obviously irritated by the bus, and immediately accelerated to overtake the bus before the next intersection, but the bus did not decelerate at all, it used a large lane change at the next two consecutive intersections to squeeze the BMW behind it.

The story happened in Beijing China, according to the Beijing Public Transport Group news: it happened on the bus Express-1 driver drove the bus to the green light at the intersection of the Natural Museum at 16 o’clock on August 17, 2019, the reason is the road ahead narrows.

What makes the bus unscrupulous?

In this incident, the specific model of the “Express-1” bus is Foton AUV BJD-WG180FA, belonging to the Futian AUV BJ6180 series, with a total length of 18 meters, it is designed for the city’s mass transit traffic and BRT lines. In the context of increasing environmental pressure in China, pure electric or plug-in hybrid buses are rapidly gaining popularity. Like the pure electric new energy model, the bus with the motor has a larger starting torque than the diesel engine, therefore, the past phenomenon that the bus started slowly was no longer seen, and “performance buses” come along, as long as the driver is willing, even a bus with a length of 18 meters and weight of more than ten tons will not fall behind BWM X1, the bus driver who has been slaughtered by private cars has finally “turned over”.

In fact, the upgrade of power is only hardware. It is necessary to know that bus drivers are not much better than taxi drivers in many places of China. Changing lanes at will, speeding, and violation of regulations are common. The extremely long vehicle body gives them an innate advantage in stealing the road, and the reason for their unscrupulous driving style is largely due to the composition of wages, it is understood that the bonuses of many Chinese bus drivers in the past were calculated by the passenger capacity, the more passenger the ore income, which directly lead to the creation of road chaos.