Breaking: Xiaomi & NIO intends to use BYD blade battery


On March 25th, the Chinese online media 36kr quoted insiders, BYD‘s power battery business Fudi Batteries are actively exploring the market, including NIO and Xiaomi Auto, Among them, NIO has been finalized to use BYD’s lithium iron phosphate battery before 2022 Spring Festival.

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According to reports, Xiaomi’s first model has two configurations, high and low. Among them, the low-end models will use a 400V voltage platform and plan to use BYD blade batteries; while the high-end models use an 800V voltage platform, but “there is a high probability of using products from CATL, the details of the cooperation have not yet been finalized.”

We have reported that the Management Committee of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone signed a cooperation agreement with Xiaomi in November last year, officially announcing that Xiaomi Auto will be located in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

According to reports, Xiaomi Auto will build a vehicle factory in two phases in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The cumulative annual output of the factory is expected to be 300,000 vehicles, and the production capacity of the first and second phases is 150,000 vehicles. In 2024, Xiaomi’s first car will roll off the assembly line in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and achieve mass production.

BYD’s blade battery

We learned that Lei Jun said on October 19 that Xiaomi Auto was registered in Beijing on September 1, and the first factory would be settled in Beijing. 20,000 resumes have been received, and 453 people have arrived in the R&D team.

Lei Jun also said at the investor day that the progress of Xiaomi’s car manufacturing and teamwork far exceeded his expectations, and it is expected that Xiaomi’s car will be officially mass-produced in the first half of 2024.

According to the financial report released by Xiaomi on November 23, the number of R&D personnel in Xiaomi has reached 13,919, accounting for more than 44% of the total number of employees; among them, the Xiaomi car team has more than 500 members.