This is e-LAVIDA EV Version – a China-Only Model from SAIC Volkswagen, Range is 172miles


On March 25th, Volkswagen e-Lavida EV version unveiled. Lavida is a China-only model made by SAIC- Volkswagen, a jointly venture company in China. Lavaida is only available in China market. e-Lavaida is the pure electric model inheriting from Lavida feul version. It is another new energy model launched by SAIC Volkswagen after Passat and Tiguan L PHEV version.

In appearance, Lavida EV continues the design of the fuel version, only some details have changed. The most intuitive is that the front face of this large-size inverted trapezoidal grille has been changed to a white paint, and the e-Lavida badge is added on the right side indicating electric vehicle identity. Although the traditional air intake grille is still preserved as a pure electric vehicle, the white paint is also very special.

The front bumper style is also different from the fuel version: the fog lights are removed from the left and right sides, and the “C”-shaped LED daytime running lights are added, the inner lines are more dense and complex, visual sense is more layered.

The side shape is basically the same as that of the fuel version, the outline of the whole vehicle is smooth, the front and rear proportions are coordinated, the 16-inch multi-width wheel hub is a common style for today’s Volkswagen models, the two-tone setting is stylish, matching the 205/55 R16 Dunlop ENASAVE EC300+ tires that are comfortable and energy-saving

In terms of body size, e-Lavida measuring 4670/1806/1474mm, which is consistent with the fuel version, the wheelbase is 2680mm, which is 8mm shorter than the fuel version.

A e-Lavida logo is added in the tail, the exhaust pipe is removed, the rear chrome-plated strip was modified. The other parts keep the same as fuel version.

In addition to the elimination of the exhaust pipe, the addition of the e-Lavida logo and the modification of the lower chrome-plated strip at the rear, the rest of the design is identical to the fuel version.

Interior of e-Lavida is also as same as its fuel model. Except the instrument panel, the modification of the pure electric vehicle was made, that is, the left dial was changed to the motor output meter.

The 8-inch in-line central control panel is equipped with Volkswagen’s latest human-computer interaction system, which provides GPS navigation, AI voice assistant, real-time traffic, real-time weather, Bluetooth and more.

In terms of power, e-Lavida EV is equipped the motor with a maximum power of 100kW (136PS), peak torque of 290N·m. The NEDC cruising range is 172miles(278km), battery is a ternary lithium-ion battery, which is arranged under the chassis. In the fast charge mode, it takes 40 minutes to charge 80% of the power, and 5.5 hours for the slow charge. In terms of suspension, the new car uses a pre-McPherson-type, rear multi-link independent suspension.