Chery Cooperates with Huawei for New EV Under EXEED Brand


Chery’s new EV once again! Recently, a group of spy photos of the first model jointly produced by Chery, Huawei and CATL were exposed on the Internet. Judging from the spy photos, the new car may integrate the advantageous resources of the three companies, with advanced intelligent driving assistance systems and battery technology. And car-making advantage resources. It is expected that the new car may be launched in 2023-2024.

Judging from the spy photos, the new car may have excellent performance. It features a coupe-style body design and has large-sized wheels. The overall appearance looks extremely sporty. At the same time, the size of the new car does not look small. The wheelbase of the vehicle is longer. The headlights of the new car features the layout of horizontal double-lens headlights, and the parking spaces adopt the shape of vertical taillights, or the design of bar-type taillights. The body design with low drag coefficient indicates that this car will have good performance.

It is understood that there are E03 and E0Y models in the new car plan of Chery EXEED brand. And this EV will be a high-end pure electric car of EXEED brand. The price may be more than 200,000 yuan. The new car will be equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS car system. There is also a model code-named EH3 and EHY, which correspond to similar products, but the shape will be completely different, and for example, EH3 may also be equipped with lidar. It can be seen from this that EH3 may be a more in-depth model led by Huawei. In other words, there will be two types of cooperation between Chery and Huawei & CATL, one will be placed in the high-end models of EXEED, and the other may be more in-depth cooperation models.

On this year’s Yaoguang 2025 Chery Technology DAY, Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Group, said, “Huawei has a very large cooperation project with us. Many models are designed and manufactured by Chery. This volume will be very large.” This also confirms that there will be more than one model of cooperation between Chery and Huawei. On December 15, Chery and CATL, CATL and Huawei respectively signed a cooperation memorandum. According to the agreement, CATL and Chery Group will cooperate in all aspects in the fields of products, business, marketing, business information resources and other fields. Huawei Terminal will recommend CATL as the first preferred partner of Huawei’s smart car partner for automotive power batteries.