Chery Debuts GENE Concept Car in Its Brand Day


On September 16, Chery Automobile held the “Yaoguang 2025” Technology Day brand event. Chery Auto debuted the GENE brand concept car at the press conference. Forward-looking technologies such as energy, intelligent connectivity, and autonomous driving were unveiled, showing Chery’s latest development achievements. At the same time, these results are expected to be mass-produced in the near future, and we can look forward to them together.

Chery GENE brand concept car is a focus of this time. According to officials, the purpose of this car is to explore the future family design language of Chery vehicles’ main line. The concept car uses electric drive, and the energy supply is solar energy.

The concept car hopes to “symbolize the brand” and strengthen the concept of “Chery Ring” by symbolizing the Chery Logo. The exterior body of the concept car consists of a giant annular body. The reason why it is called the technical ring is because the ring body starts from the logo and runs through the lights, radar, rearview mirror, electric door handle, taillights and tail badge, and completely surrounds the exposed base part of the whole vehicle.

From the design point of view, this SUV model is very avant-garde, and the logo of the concept car is composed of a three-layer annular structure. The exterior lights of the concept car are composed of a real mode (real-active driving) and a meta-universe mode (meta-autonomous driving), which can be switched according to the needs of use. As the headlights switched to the metaverse mode, the Chery badge also enters the metaverse virtual logo mode from the reality mode.

In terms of size, the concept car is 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.75 meters high, and the overall is very burly. The opening method of the concept car is double-doors, and the tail compartment is electric sliding. It is equipped with two drones and an electric skateboard. The images captured by the drones can be synchronized to the car, and passengers can choose to experience VR.

The interior also has dual-mode switching, which can be experienced through the interaction of the steering wheel and the seat. In driving mode (Real), the steering wheel is close to the driver, while the seat provides the driver with a comfortable driving position. When switching to Meta mode, the steering wheel will actively retreat away from the driver to enter automatic driving, and at the same time the virtual reality glasses (VR) hidden under the steering wheel will be launched, and the seat will automatically adjust to the semi-reclining mode after the passenger wears the glasses , providing comfort for the virtual experience. The central control also adopts a curved 27-inch embracing screen, and is equipped with Chery’s “Galaxy Ecosystem” galaxy ecological interactive system. The interior is a spacious 4-seat, and the seats can be slid and rotated.