SGMW Baojun Brand Debuted RM-C Concept Car At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Baojun released a new concept car – Baojun RM-C Concept. The new car is positioned in a medium-sized SUV with crossover style. Its English name is derived from the abbreviation of “Recreation Motional Crossover”, which represents the interstellar geometric design concept of Baojun brand’s new badge and the future development direction.

The overall proportion of Baojun RM-C concept car is coordinated and full of futuristic. The front grille uses a dot matrix light source. The top of the inverted trapezoidal contour is through-type strip LED daytime running light, and the center is Baojun’s latest diamond-style LOGO.

From the side view, Baojun RM-C has a slender overall ratio, and the lower ground clearance and the more inclined front windshield make it crossover style. The new car uses opera door design, with hidden door handles, black roof, virtual rearview mirror, two-color petal-shaped hub, etc., to create a very avant-garde visual effect.

At the rear part, the shape of the Baojun RM-C concept car is quite layered. The size of the rear roof spoiler is large, which continues the black coating of the roof. Below the rear window is the through-type tail light set, the slender design echoes the daytime running lights in front, and the center is also inlaid with BAOJUN mark. In terms of size, the length and width of the Baojun RM-C concept car are 4775/1904/1596mm and the wheelbase is 2880mm.

Baojun also showed the interior design of Baojun RM-C concept car on display. It can be seen that the interior of the new car is in light-colored style. The simple instrument panel stands on a large display, which is the combination of the full LCD instrument panel and the central control screen. At the same time, the new car’s door panel and center console panel are designed with a three-dimensional relief design, which looks quite futuristic. In addition, the RM-C concept car is equipped with a two-spoke steering wheel, an electronic gear like a mouse, a hollow storage compartment and a small number of physical buttons.