SAIC Roewe Marvel X Review – Appearance


Due to China’s policy guidance, the demand for pure electric vehicles is now increasingly strong, but the current market for electric vehicles is uneven. Today, let us talk about the Marvel X, an electric vehicle of SAIC Roewe.

Roewe officially positions MARVEL X as an “electric smart coupe SUV”, the new car retains 90% of the design elements of the Roewe LightWing concept car in 2017, including the 0-100km/h acceleration performance in 4 seconds and wind resistance coefficient of 0.29, it is an intelligent pure electric vehicles.

The Roewe Marvel X we tested is a rear-drive version with an official guide price of 268,800 yuan (~US$39,055), model year 2018 in Chinese market, let’s take a look at the car.


At present, Marvel is offered in two trims, all of which are equipped with LED high and low beam headlights as standard, and both have adaptive high beam and automatic headlight functions.

The overall dimensions are 4678x1919x1618 mm and the wheelbase is 2800 mm. In terms of size, this car is not small. Like the Tesla, the door handle uses a concealed handle, it will automatically pop up after the entire car is unlocked.

The trunk is in moderate size, it is no problem to put two standard suitcases in daily travel. In addition, this car does not have a spare tire, instead of providing tire repair fluid for emergency use.

After the hood is opened, there is a small storage compartment for charging cables or some commonly used tools.

Interior: American-style Luxury

The interior style is completely different from the other Roewe models, very similar to the design sense of American luxury cars, such as Cadillac. It is wrapped in a lot of leather and soft materials, and a lot of suede materials are used to improve the sense of luxury

The air outlet of the air conditioner features an integrated penetration design with an automatic swing function, this design is very similar to Tesla Model 3.

The steering wheel is wrapped in leather with standard multi-function buttons and supports four-way adjustment.

Roewe Marvel X comes standard with a 12.3-inch full LCD screen dashboard that supports full-screen map display and a more unique AR map. In fact, the road image displayed by the front camera is added with direction arrow instructions for navigation.

The biggest feature of Roewe Marvel X is that it is equipped with a large 14-inch LCD screen in the center, it is still equipped with the Zebra system developed by AliOS, which is functionally similar to other Roewe models.

The electronic shift knob is on the same plane as the touch screen.

A large storage compartment is designed below the big screen, which can hold some bills, mobile phones and other objects.

Seats & Room: Relative Comfortable

The seat is a mix of leather and suede, the overall comfort is good and the ergonomic design is relatively reasonable, you can find a comfortable sitting position, this is still hard to have in the Chinese self-owned brand models. In addition, all four doors are designed with ” warning lights”, when passengers stop and open the door, it will remind if there are other vehicles behind, this function is quite practical in the complicated traffic environment in China.

The rear row has independent air-conditioning outlets, and the central floor is relatively flat.

Rear seat comfort is also good, it support spliting into a 60:40 ratio. 

Brief summary:

Regardless of the appearance or interior of the Roewe Marvel X, it can basically be defined as a flagship model in terms of material quality, the luxury interior trim is no less than that of international brands. In addition, the overall configuration is also good. the 14-inch screen is not only very cool, but also caters to the current consumer’s heart.

Regarding to the driving experience and the materials used in the interior work, please stay tuned for follow-up test drive and car dismantling content at