Roewe Whale pre-sale starts from 166,800 yuan with 2.0T blue core engine + Aisin 8AT


The names of new cars are getting really interesting in the Chinese market. Roewe recently launched a new car with one word: Whale (Chinese say “鲸”). At the same time, the pre-sale price also came out, as follows: 166,800-192,800 yuan.

Why is it named after the “whale”? Because one of the biggest highlights of this new car is the shape design of the deep-sea giant whale bionics.

For example, the most conspicuous is the whale-shaped air intake grille with 30 ribs arranged in a fan shape, which seems to have a very strong visual impact; secondly, the lines of the entire body also imitate the body of a whale, which looks very smooth and there is a sense of power; at the same time, in other details, LED headlights similar to the eyes of the sea, rear-view mirrors of whale fins, and spoilers like tail fins are also added.

Coming to the interior section. If the appearance of the Roewe Whale makes people see the appearance of a whale, then the interior is like “sea”, including that the view of the entire interior is very broad, and at the same time, a large area of blue-gray contrasting materials is added, and the dual 12.3-inch IMAX high-definition giant screens with a deep feeling give people an immersive feeling.

The Roewe Whale is powered by a 2.0T+8AT combination. Among them, this 2.0T engine is the latest generation of blue core engine developed by Roewe. It adopts the in-cylinder direct injection turbocharging technology, with a maximum power of 170KW and a peak torque of 370 Nm. The matching engine is from Love letter 8AT gearbox.