Bosch Provides L2 Automated Driving System for MG ZS

Bosch Provides L2 Automated Driving System for MG ZS

At 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, MG has released a new MG ZS model equipped with Bosch’s latest L2-class autonomous driving assistance technology, providing intelligent solutions to solve congestion, mitigate potential driving safety hazards and enhance driving pleasure. It is reported that the new car will be launched in October this year, and its “MG Pilot L2+ Intelligent Driving System” will be applied to more new models of MG.

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The MG ZS features the most advanced “MG Pilot L2+ System”, which integrates driver assistance functions such as ACC, LDW (lane departure warning), AEB-Cyclist (automatic emergency brake with pedestrian protection) and L2 automatic driving assistance. technology.

Bosch Provides L2 Automated Driving System for MG ZS

Includes TJA( traffic congestion assistance) and ICA( integrated cruise assistance). Its hardware, including multi-function camera and millimeter-wave radar, is designed and manufactured by Bosch, enabling it to accurately and timely detect and identify driving scenes and vehicle conditions in complex road conditions and harsh weather conditions. Through this system, the new MG ZS can realize multi-scene automatic driving, driver can enjoy driving pleasure more safely, easily and comfortably when traffic jams or following the front car, braking and lane keeping in highways.

In the new MG ZS model to be launched in October this year in Chinese market, in addition to the “MG Pilot L2+ system” mentioned in the previous article, it will also provide a 1.3T 260TGI dual-jet turbocharged engine, matching the Aisin 6AT gearbox.