JAC’s New Sedan A432’s Interior Spied for Real


We obtained a set of spy photos of JAC A432 interior from relevant channels. The car will be unveiled at 2019 Chengdu Motor Show, which opened on September 5, and will be launched in the fourth quarter 2019 in China.

According to the spy photos exposed, the overall design of center console is relatively simple, mostly using straight lines and planes as the design language, the most eye-catching is the large-size central control panel, matching with three-spoke mult-functional steering wheel, as well as the unique mechanical gear-lever, make the whole interior very stylish and young. In terms of configuration, the new car will provide push-button starter, electronic handbrake, AUTOHOLD, etc.

In terms of body size, the length/width/height is 4755/1820/1495 mm and the wheelbase is 2760 mm. In terms of power, the official has not disclosed it.

Editior’s Pick: Real Shot Photos of JAC’s New Sedan A432

JAC A432 is designed by Daniele Gaglione, the chief designer of the JAC Italian Design Center (former Alfa Romeo brand designer), as well as Giancarlo Concilio, the head of the interior design of the former Lancia and Maserati, as well as Maurizio Poli, the former chief engineer of the world’s top design companies Giugiaro and Stola, participated in the car’s R&D design.