JAC’s ix35 version of SUV design photo (BSUV?)


Recently, a website forum in Italy, where a new car pictures JAC was disclosed. Degree from the shape of a beautiful view, our first reaction is that this may be a manufacturer of a Euro&US car, but the front of startled logo “JAC” really surprised people, is this the legendary car of JAC’s BSUV?

  • The front face is very avant-garde design

Autonomous vehicles based on the consistent impression, and we see this picture after the first reaction is – it really like abroad “XX” car. When we looked at the front view of the car, it really has a very avant-garde European styles. If you have understood the new urban SUV Kuga  Ford or Hyundai ix35, surely you will be creating an association with them. “X” type of network, exaggerated, huge trapezoidal grille area, simply brilliant. If not, the new headlamp shapes and features of JAC Online Department before it can face as first-line international manufacturers in the works.

While we suspect that this is not a busybody brings the results of the PS or the other may be, by the side of the comparison ,we found that the fear completely superfluous. Although the overall dynamic of the style is very similar, but it Kuga and ix35 has too many differences in the details. PS not only unlikely, but JAC Kuga based on the possibility of adjusting to change is not the same. Both the proportion of the overall profile is different, JAC car even more dapper. Another location in the rear view mirror and side window details of the outline is also very different.

  • Side view of the style is similar with ix35, but it has its own style

 My colleagues who doesn’t know much about Kuga reminded me: it is more like Hyundai ix35! This is not surprising, because the style seems ix35 already in shape and Ford Kuga has the same purpose, they are “dynamic concept” product. Obviously, JAC’s car, will be the third paragraph, the first national independent “dynamic concept” under the SUV. This is a picture with the current read, although the side windows profile JAC car, mirror position and other parts like ix35, but the overall ratio and side windows at the end of the form is still a difference. Of course, not to mention the waistline, fenders and other parts of the huge differences.

  • The car should be a new development, designed by Italian designer

 Based on this, we can basically judge, JAC’s new SUV is only similar in the styling with the Kuga and ix35, but not in the traditional sense of “reverse”, it can be seen as the development of a new JAC’s product. Exposure from the Italian site forum this event itself, the design of this car is likely to turn, the Italian designer task completed.

 This image is not a real vehicle photo, but the effect is not simple plan, together with the prototype, you can not find any pictures on the basis of the evidence for PS, so its reliability is very high. Aside before the contrast, but aside “imitation” of the frame, that car’s styling alone, I think many people feel the same with our simply perfect. Dynamic concept and styling short campaign together, was in line with the current model of urban SUV or CROSS understanding. If the test launch of JAC’s future with this picture exactly the same, then it will not only be independent of the most beautiful an SUV, but with many joint ventures and import models compared, it is also called the most beautiful one.
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