JAC’s EV brand Yiwei 3 (EV3) Goes Live on the Chinese Market


On June 16, JAC’s EV brand Yiwei officially announced the price of its pure electric small car – Yiwei 3. The new car launched a total of 6 models with a price range of 89,900 to 127,900 yuan. Yiwei 3 is the first model of this brand, interestingly, the Chinese pronunciation of Yiwei is the pronunciation of English “EV”, and the official English name of Yiwei 3 is also written as EV3.

The appearance of JAC Yiwei 3 is very cute. The angel eye headlights on the front face contain 137 LED lamp beads, which look small and cute. At the same time, the closed front grille commonly used by pure electric vehicles has never been absent on Yiwei 3.

Viewed from the side of the body, the car adopts a two-tone body favored by young people, highlighting its stylish temperament. At the same time, the lines of the whole car are simple and round, and with the double five-spoke wheel shape, the visual effect is smooth. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4025/1770/1560mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2620mm.

In terms of the rear, the car adopts a large rounded rectangular taillight group, with the built-in license plate area, the visual layering is rich. At the same time, the new artistic JAC logo is adopted, which greatly improves the recognition of this car.

For the interior, Yiwei 3 uses rich colors and materials, a 15.6-inch high-definition smart entertainment screen, and is equipped with Yiwei 3 OS jointly customized with iFlytek and Huawei to provide a comfortable and intelligent audio-visual entertainment experience. The 1.45m² panoramic glass canopy brings good lighting and vision inside the car.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with motors with a maximum power of 70kW and 100kW. The battery life version provides 405 kilometers and 505 kilometers. At the same time, a model with a cruising range of 600km will also be launched in the future. It is reported that this model of JAC Group will be the first Chinese model equipped with 46 series large cylindrical batteries.

On April 12 2023, the new brand Yiwei of JAC Group was officially released. The new brand is named JAC Yiwei, and the brand products will be born in new bases, new companies, and new platforms. In terms of brand naming, the Chinese “钇” (means “yttrium”) is the first rare earth element discovered, which pays tribute to the cutting-edge core technology. The target group of Yiwei brand will cover 20-35 years old young consumers. Yiwei brand will focus on the price range of 70,000 to 150,000 yuan in the Chinese market.