JAC VVT Engine Instruction


* What is VVT Technology?

VVT is the short name of Variable Valve Timing, that’s improving power of the engine performance fuel economy by adjust the timing of valve’s closure according to the different working conditions

JAC VVT Engine Structure

* VVT Engine’s feature:

1. Low fuel consumption , 2 Powerful, 3, environmental protection

* JAC J3 VVT engine Feature

 1. Low fuel consumption , 2 Powerful, 3, environmental protection, 4, lightweight,5 low noise, 6, high stability

* JAC VVT Engine and Mitsubishi 4A9 comparison

The features of the engine is mainly based on its technology, specifications, the main spec are depended on its design, power consumption, torque and Fuel Economy

JAC VVT Engine on JAC J3

  4A90 4A91 JAC J3 VVT JAC J5 VVT
Displacement 1.3L 1.5L 13L 1.5
cylinder bore(mm) 75  
Travel(mm) 75.4 84.8 75.4 84.8
Compression ratio 10.5 10.5
Valve gear DOHC 4 Valve+MIVEC DOHC 4 Valve+VVT
Cam drive cycle chain timing chain
C/B material aluminum aluminium magnesium alloy
Moveability light weight,Low-friction design light weight, Low-friction design
Intake manifold Resin(Optimal design of the airway) Resin
Cylinder-head cover Resin Resin
Cylinder cushion The latest sealing structure technology  1 layer  
exhaust system The inverted type engine vehicle rear exhaust The inverted type engine vehicle rear exhaust
Max Power(kW/rpm) 73/6000 83/6000 73/6000 83//6000
Max Torque(Nm/rpm) 126/4000 147/4000 126/4500 126/4000
Power per liter(kW/L) 56.2 55.4 56.2 55.4
Emission standard China IV(= Euro4)

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