JAC Tojoy RS Hatchback Review and Road Test – Test Drive


Tojoy Hatchback Test Drive:

Tojoy Hatchback 4G13 Engine - The same as Tojoy sedan

Now we come to test drive part, on the first page, we mentioned it becomes lighter after dump the large trunk, which makes the car more excellent in power performance, step direct on the pedal, it runs rapid at once, acceleration performance has also been strengthened.

Step direct on the pedal, it runs rapid at once

As a newly launched Hatchback model, Tojoy Hatchback still inherited the large steering wheel design, which it’s properly not suitable for both appearance and drive feeling, the“huge” steering wheel always a reminds me that I am driving with a small car. In addition, the “characteristics” of long trip of gearbox is completely inherited from sedan model to Tojoy RS, which would let me lash my right arm during the process of shifting, it will be will after frequently shift.

Tojoy Hatchback Road Test

  • Summary

Tojoy RS - Hatchback

As an independent brand of small car, first, Tojoy Hatchback has indeed done quite well, interior trim has really given us a surprise, Tojoy sedan has a good sale at present, so the same Tojoy RS will also broaden the new car market share of young people, prospect is still worth expecting.

Of course, as a own brand product, a lot of consumers will then change the viewpoint of self-brand model if Tojoy series product would make a far more progress on details of design and handling.

In addition, compared to the current market, such as new LOVA (Chevrolet) et join-venture, it reflects a good cost performance advantage with around 50,000rmb’s price, it is also a good news in this small car market which has occupoed a larger share of market by joint venture products, and Tojoy is expected to break this structure in the future, the manufacturers have to do is how to do better to grasp the publicity so that more users have access to Tojoy.

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