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From the view of form design, JAC is trying to perfect international integration with Chinese elements, not only reflects the fashion trend for small cars, but also reflects the swish beauty of Chinese elements. Therefore, JAC chosen Japan, Italy, Britain, South Korea, Austria and other 9 countries’ thousands of top designers and top experts together to design Tojoy’s appearance.

In the overall body design, with ingenious use of auspicious clouds shape in ancient China and architectural elements of the Han&Tang dynasty, JAC Tojoy shows a smooth and elegant feeling, hatchback is dynamic and dignified fashion, sedan is smooth harmonized and concise. By the limited body size of the small car, sedan model’s lines are often deficient or failure, while the same proportion of moderate length in Tojoy sedan models, Column A and C’s transition is very natural, doesn’t feel stiff.

The highlight point is that the front face is swish and concise, but also like a cloud of flame with dynamic, taste carefully, you will find that the front grille, headlamps and engine hood made up a beautiful swish Peking opera mask, the resoult is that the front face of is both with classical aesthetic expression and a strong sense of visual impact. Tojoy’s front bumper draw with architectural styling of Han&Tang dynasty, look lively and honorable, headlamps adopt the smart watermark styling, and JAC’s five star-shaped logo also played a finishing touch of the magical effect.

The appearance greatest satisfied consumers in aesthetic needs as a economical family car, dynamic, simple, stylish, compact and highly sculptural lines, perfectly present Tojoy’s speed and strength.

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