JAC Tojoy 2011 Model is on Sale – All-aluminum 1.5L VVT Engine


September 17, 2010, Thirteenth International Auto Show in Chengdu, Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center was officially opened. The show of “green technology • music driving Chengdu” as the theme, and actively respond to the current worldwide to promote environmental protection, low-carbon of the call. In this gathering of distinguished automotive feast, the reflected green, technology, culture models exceptionally compelling. Camp in their own brands, for the 2009 Annual China Automotive Billboard “best mid-size car”, JAC Tojoy 2011 stunning models listed, as the current show a highlight JAC booth.

JAC Tojoy 2011 Model Is On Sale
Tojoy 2011 model and the engine is equipped with Wyatt has a new generation of international-class all-aluminum 1.5L VVT small displacement engines. The engine used dual overhead camshaft DOHC and VVT variable valve timing technology combines low fuel consumption, low emissions and high performance. Meanwhile, the engine uses a magnesium alloy die casting cylinder, domestic small-displacement engines than the cast iron cylinder block more than 20% weight reduction, heat dissipation, acceleration and fuel economy have been enhanced greatly. In addition, resin materials, the engine intake manifold and rocker lid, anti-home exhaust manifold assembly, compared with the traditional components can achieve weight reduction, reduced fuel consumption and save costs.
This engine also uses a timing chain drive, the electronic throttle and ignition, and other new technologies independently. When the chain is used to prevent tens of thousands of kilometers of the traditional engines to be replaced every belt tensioner pulley and cumbersome, and life span of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, the engine until the end of life, all without having to change, alone, all users the use of life cycle costs, can reduce the 5,000-10,000RMB. The use of electronic throttle, will not only fuel efficient, but also to reduce emissions of harmful substances can easily meet the most stringent Euro 5 emissions standards. Independent ignition technology is such that each cylinder has a separate ignition coil, ignition technology is superior to the traditional group, a higher ignition energy, ignition time control more accurate, more thorough combustion.

First-class technical achievements of outstanding quality, section 2011, and Tojoy’s power integrated performance increased dramatically. Maximum torque to 146N • m / 4000rpm, improved 12.3%, maximum power to 83KW / 6000rpm, improved 9.2% to 1.5L displacement power catch up most of the 1.6L displacement of the joint venture brands and own brands power advantage is obvious. At the same time, also brought new impetus to upgrade the product lightweight and good fuel economy, and Tojoy 2011, the weight of the engine section 85kg, reduce by 29.4%; 100 km fuel consumption 5.6L, decreased 8.9%, and the Ministry of Industry and authority in the fuel consumption Integrated fuel consumption and even less than the index in some displacement of 1.3L models.
With advanced technology, elegant styling, excellent quality, wide suitable space, were advised to IKEA’s product features, JAC Tojoy sales from January to August 2010 reached 43,262, more sluggish in the automobile market 7-8 months, also maintained a high sales volume, a mid-size car market in one of the most dazzling star models.
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