JAC S1 (Rein) SUV 4WD Instruction



JAC S1 SUV 4WD Structure:

The structure of JAC S1 is not too complicated, there is no transfer case, there is only a viscous coupling type central differential, it will transfer the power to the backshaft to switch into 4WD mode while the rotation rate deference is in an proper speed, there is no skid devices and  electronic assistant device neither.

S1 - Real Time 4WD

JAC S1 is just an front wheel driving SUV model in normal daily driving, power from engine will be directly transfered to front axle, the front two wheels will drive the vehicle going forward.

JAC S1 Chassis Structure
JAC S1‘s Chassis structure

While it  meets with special road condition, the front wheel is slipping, the front and rear axis will have rotation rate deference, while the rate deference reach an proper rate,the temperature of silicone oil in viscous coupling is getting hot, viscosity is getting high, then driver the rear driveshaft to power together.

Viscous coupling is used on JAC S1's central differential,it will link to the backshaft to switch to 4WD mode while the rotation rate deference is in an proper speed., so it is an real time 4WD system

For more details ,you may find from JAC Motors offical website:http://jacen.jac.com.cn/Showroom/S1.html
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