JAC Motors Announced Sales in July 2019, Down 27.29% Year-On-Year


In August, various Chinese auto companies successively handed over the July sales transcripts. On August 7, JAC Motors announced its production and sales report in July. According to the sales data, JAC Motors sold a total of 27,500 units in July, down 27.29% year-on-year. As of the end of July this year, JAC Motors had a total sales of 262,700. Vehicles, down 9.46% year-on-year.

Specifically, the JAC passenger car segment experienced a significant decline in July, SUV, MPV and sedan sales fell 44.6%, 41.85%, and 77.49%, respectively, while pure electric passenger car sales also fell 66.5%. In contrast, JAC Motors’ overall sales volume in January-July was much better. Although the overall sales volume fell by 9.46%, the growth rate of pure electric passenger vehicles is obvious, achieving a growth of 61.79%.

Overall, the decline in sales of JAC Motors is still affected by the overall “cold weather” in the Chinese auto market. According to the sales data of some Chinese auto companies that have been publicly disclosed by the China Automobile Association, in the first half of this year, 11 of the top 15 Chinese brands have seen sales decline, including Geely Group, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Motor and so on. SAIC, which has been climbing in sales, expects sales to fall by about 7% in 2019, the first full-year sales decline since records began in 2006. For this reason, SAIC’s new sales target for the year is set at 6.54 million vehicles, which is nearly 8% lower than the originally set target, Geely also lowered its year-end target from 1.51 million to 1.36 million units.

However, JAC Motors is also accelerating the pace of product promotion. In July alone, JAC Motors has launched a number of new products, including: July 12, JAC’s small SUV – 2020 Ruifeng(Refine) S3 officially listed; July 19, the new Ruifeng(Refine) S4 was officially launched; on July 23, JAC Ruifeng S7 was officially launched by meeting CN-6 emission standard. In addition, JAC-Volkswagen’s first car, the JAC A432, will also be unveiled at the 2019 Chengdu Motor Show, which opened in September this year. The car is designed by Daniele Gaglione, the chief designer of the JAC Italian Design Center (former Alpha ·Romeo brand designer) led the design, as well as Giancarlo Concilio, the head of the interior of the original Lancia and Maserati, and Maurizio Poli, the former chief engineer of the world’s top design companies in Georgia and Stola, who participated in the research and development of the new car, the new is expected to be officially listed in the fourth quarter of this year.