JAC Debuts an EV for Its T8 Pickup on 2021 Macau Auto Show


The 2021 Macau Auto Show officially opens. At this auto show, JAC brought the JAC T8 EV pickup truck for the first time. The new car uses a pure electric powertrain.

This pure electric pickup truck is based on JAC T8, and its appearance is highly consistent with that of the fuel version. The rough chrome trim is added with silver high-gloss material to enhance the recognition of the whole vehicle, and it looks more gorgeous. From the rear view, the traditional vertical taillight design is featured, and it is equipped with a cargo box and a gantry.

In terms of interior, the new car basically continued the interior layout of JAC T8 and replaced it with a new electronic shift lever. Although it looks unpretentious, considering the positioning of this pickup, this design is also from the perspective of practicality.

In terms of power, the new electric pickup is powered by a single E-motor, of which the battery is a 65.3kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack. The maximum power is 150kW and the peak torque is 295 N·m. The maximum cruising range in NEDC mode is 330km, and the maximum speed is 100km/h.