JAC A00 Class Yueyue Static Review (1)


JAC Yue Yue compact vehicle styling, smooth lines and coordination, although the prototype and Geely and BYD F0 pandas come from the same as Citroen C1, but Yue Yue’s appearance after a large-scale changes have been difficult to see the shadow of the Citroen C1. Yue Yue’s rear window in particular has changed more by domestic consumers of the lift, although the look is just a simple change, but in fact Yue Yue redesigned the back door and the C pillar structure in order to achieve the following vehicle larger window size of moving windows.

JAC A0 Yueyue


JAC Yue Yue’s use of a mesh front grille, with the front slightly convex extension of the rear waist, making the vehicle dynamic, but also reduces the visual Yue Yue from the body height. Also in the rear, although the JAC has also been adopted as a new car like the C column C1 taillight design, but increased the tail of the viewing area, and the original model of the glass rear door to a more traditional way, though prototype as trendy, but the hardness of traditional materials higher tailgate, rear collision or whether the safety level of security has been enhanced. However, because Yue Yue C-pillar is too large, also blocked part of the rear view. Final model compared to the previous spy photos, show car has increased rear window wiper, thereby improving the end of the hatchback model easily dirty window defects.
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