JAC A0 (Yueyue) Class Vehicle Spy Photos – Copycat of Toyota Aygo


To meet the demand of consumers, create the low carbon life as well as assume the responsibility of reducing carbon emission, Chinese independent brand auto enterprises have launched A0 class cars featured with low emission、low energy consumption and low pollution, among which JAC A0 class car has attracted much attention from the media and consumers home and abroad because of its dynamic and fashionable exterior ,energy saving and low emission since it appeared in Shanghai International Auto Show in 2009.   

JAC A0 (Yueyue)

With JAC A0 (Chinese Name:Yueyue) body size are 3535 × 1640 × 1475mm, wheelbase reach 2390mm, smaller body size makes city traffic is more convenient and easy parking, a larger wheelbase has made quite a large space ahead of competition opponents, easily meet the required daily car. Yue Yue equipped with the latest technology, 1.3L VVT all-aluminum engine, maximum power is 73 kW, maximum torque of 126/4500 (N · m / rpm), set of 16 advanced technologies in one, with low fuel consumption, high power , high stability, low noise, lightweight, six environmental characteristics. Products with the same level compared with the VVT with Yue Yue Yue power already has a sizable lead.

As the World Climate Conference held in Copenhagen, how to achieve low-carbon life becomes the focus of the world. During the conference, each country made its commitment to reduce the emissions, besides, Volvo, BMW, Renault and other major car enterprises also introduced its environmentally friendly cars as the official cars of the Conference and moreover issued their own emission reduction targets. In the unprecedented attention and controversy, “low carbon life” has become the life style people are longing for.

JAC A0 (Yueyue)

JAC A0 class, which has been emphasized a lot and is to be launched into the market in 2010 is designed by JAC who has 46 auto making experience. Equipped with Dong’an Mitsubishi 1.0L and 1.1L engines, this A0 class has effectively reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide through the technology of light weight.

In space, the wheelbase of JAC A0 class has reached 2390mm, the longest among the cars of the same class to assure of the whole vehicle outstanding interior space.

In exterior, this A0 class car has again reflected the “dynamic aesthetic” style which is presented in JAC Tojoy hatchback. Besides, its fashionable、dynamic and exquisite appearance has demonstrated JAC’s progress and attempt in the exterior design. Overall, embracing many cartoon elements, JAC A0 class car is the most creative and vivid among all the cars produced by JAC.

The insiders generally believe that the research and development strength is the core for the low emission vehicles to become the competitive low carbon products, and small cars with key technology will be the next big mainstream trend. Now JAC has powerful research and development ability consisting of the research and development center. the overseas R&D constitutions in Italy Turin and Japan Tokyo, the cooperation with the key universities in the world as well as the temporary special cooperation with the companies of Italy Pininfarina, Austria, AVL, Japanese MIM companies, all these will no doubt support A00 class car as the most competitive one.

As one of the most important components of JAC large passenger cars’ strategy, the launch of A0 class car will improve the product platform of JAC. In 2010, the sales target of JAC passenger cars is to sell 300,000 units. In order to achieve this goal, A0 class car is playing an important role. Whether it can be outstanding from all the A0 class cars, we are waiting to see.
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