4GA1 Engine Introduction|JAC Motor


4GA1 Engine is an modified edition from its original model Mitsubishi 4G64 which was introduced and improved a lot by JAC motor itself, the original 4G64 is a SOHC model while 4GA1 has been updated to DOHC.

After the 4GA1 engine was put into production, it calls 4GA1-1, 4GA1-1 was also learnt from HYUNDAI, it uses DOHC 16-valves ans SFI technology on it, the emission target reach EuroIII, althought it was also used on JAC Refine which is a business model, the engine structure and the actual performance  are not like an commercial vehicle engine, the entile performance has reached to an sedan model. You may feel no difference withother famous vehicle engines.

4GA1 Engine on JAC S1
4GA1 Engine on JAC S1 2.4L

JAC S1(Ruiying) was also equiped on 4GA1-1 engine, 2.0L and 2.4L, the max power of 2.0L model is 129hp,  max torque is 172N.m, the max power on 2.4L engine is 137hp, max torque is 193N.m
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