GWM WEY brand released preview images of an all-new SUV


WEY brand officially released a preview of its all-new model. The official said that the new car will be built on a platform that is different from all “VV series” models. Combined with the appearance shown in the preview and previous news, the new car will be a new non-loaded body SUV code-named P01, built on the same platform as Haval H9.

The official has not yet announced the name of the new car. Given the recent elegant naming rules of Great Wall Motors, will this new car also have a unique name like the Haval Big Dog or ORA White Cat? This may be possible. However, from the appearance shown in the preview picture, the new car does adopt a very tough exterior design style, which is very different from all models under the current WEY brand.

Specifically, the new car adopts a very retro overall style. The round headlights have built-in LED light sources and light strips. The convex front bumpers are connected to the convex wheel eyebrows on both sides, which makes them very hardcore. At the same time, we can see from another preview picture that the new car also uses an external spare tire. The new car that abandoned the traditional urban SUV design route is obviously aimed at the “off-road vehicle” market. In addition to the full-featured appearance, it is expected that the new car will also have good off-road performance.

In terms of power, this new SUV under the WEY brand is expected to use the same power combination as Haval H9, to be powered by the 2.0T engine of the EN series. The engine can meet National Six b emission standards. Among them, the maximum power of the EN03 engine is 245 horsepower (180 kW), and the peak torque is 385 Nm. The transmission system may match the 8-speed manual transmission and four-wheel-drive system.