Great Wall Motors Luxury Brand WEY Debuted WEY-S Concept Car At 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Great Wall Motors Luxury Brand WEY Debuted WEY-S Concept Car At 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

On September 10th, the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show officially opened. The Chinese brand WEY (“魏派” – Wei Pai) from Great Wall Motors (GWM) participated in the theme of “Smart in the Forward”. Its new concept car WEY-S was launched in the world. The new WEY-X concept car was released in Europe for the first time. The VV7 PHEV, VV7 GT PHEV, VV7 GT Pro PHEV and many other new models was also unveiled on the same show. Among them, WEY-S can be considered as the concept version of the 2nd-gen WEY VV5, which not only displays the latest design trends, but also the prototype of the new energy vehicles in the future.

From the appearance, the WEY-S concept car adopts the latest family design language, the overall style is fashionable and avant-garde. In terms of details, we saw that the front face of the WEY-S concept car has a closed grille, which further demonstrates the new energy positioning, the matrix LED headlights are very avant-garde, and the lower air intake on the front face is designed with a three-dimensional fold line, which echoes the large opening on both sides.

The rear end of the car is also rich in layering. The bright red high-position brake lights and the rear fog lights in the center of the rear bumper all adopt a vertical strip design similar to the car logo, but the most eye-catching is the LED tail light group, especially the interior, the three light groups are crystal-clear and transparent, which enhances the value of the technology while adding beauty.

According to official news, the new concept car of WEY-S represents the direction of the second-generation VV5. It is expected that new WEY VV5 will also be the first pure electric vehicle launched by the WEY brand.

Great Wall Motors Luxury Brand WEY Debuted WEY-S Concept Car At 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

For the interior, the WEY-S new concept car adopts a new and simple interior design. It adopts the upper and lower two-color matching, it is equipped with a dual-function multi-function steering wheel. The grille-like polygonal full LCD panel and the standing central control screen make the overall UI interface more compact and beautiful. At the same time, most of the functions are integrated in the central control screen, so almost no physical buttons are visible in the car.

In terms of power, the WEY-Sis am electric concept SUV with pure electric drive and four-wheel drive system. Among them, the maximum power of the e-motor can reach 260kW, the acceleration time of 0-100km is 4.9s, and the cruising range of WLTC can reach 400km. The pure electric four-wheel drive system can be set to two AWD modes: intelligent four-wheel drive and forced four-wheel drive, which can bring different driving pleasures.

The WEY-S will also feature L4-class autopilot, in-vivo monitoring and remote monitoring configurations. At the same time, Bluetooth key, smart face recognition, gesture operation, AR navigation and other technologies will be also available.