GWM WEY VV5 Review – Appearance & Interior


A main reason Great Wall Motors (GWM) is very hot in China is due to hot-selling Haval H6. The Haval H6 quickly brought the brand of GWM to become popluar and established the position of the top leader of the SUV in China. Then GWM launched another luxury SUV brand, which is named WEY (It says “Wei Pai” in Chinese, the “魏派”), WEY is also surname of Jianjun Wei, the GWM’s boss . It seems that GWM is great expectation for this brand, and indeed WEY brand becomes very hot in China market, such as WEY VV7 and VV5, which are consumers favorite models.


When we reviewed the GWM Haval H6 a while ago, we told everyone that we were going to review a GWM WEY VV5 to see if there is any difference between WEY VV5 and VV7, and also verify if it is true that WEY VV5 is the same thing as Haval H6 except the appearance. Today, we got a WEY VV5 flagship model for test, the official rpice is 163,000 yuan in China market.


If you look at the appearance, WEY VV5 is very similar to VV7, there is almost no difference in the shape of the two cars except the smaller body size than VV7. To be honest, nothing special…

The shape of the lights is the same as VV7. However, this also has the advantage that VV7 and VV5 accessories are interoperable.

There are ACC radars in front of the car that supports adaptive cruise.

Body size of WEY VV5 measures 4462X1857X1638 mm, wheelbase of 2680 mm. From the data point of view, the wheelbase is consistent with the Haval H6, then what does it have to do with Haval H6, please pay attention to our later posts.

The rear end style is the same as WEY VV7, the flagship model is four exhaust pipes, and the other models has two exhaust pipes, the high trim level models added two more fake decorative exhaust pipes, which is too LOW-END.

The bottom plate of the trunk is relatively high and the space is small. Although it is an power tailgate, the design logic is really bad, you will fall into the “infinite loop” if you are not careful. For details, please refer to our later posts in teardown review.


Not only does the appearance match the VV7, but the interior style is also highly consistent with the VV7. To be honest, you’ll be aesthetic weariness, just like the VW.

From this view angle, you can hardly tell the difference, whether the car is VV5 or VV7.

However, VV5 has also slightly improved, the information display is more practical than VV7 at least in the UI design of the full LCD dashboard.

The floating central LCD screen is still the same.

Like the VV7, WEY VV5 also has a full LCD rearview mirror, but it is still not very easy to use, it is just a pretty face if comparing with Cadillac.

To be honest, the brushed panel near the VV5 shift lever is very inice, it is much more stylish than the VV7 piano glossy finish.

There is a panoramic sunroof at the top of the head, but it can’t be opened, it’s just a piece of glass.

WEY VV5 has a leather-wrapped seat with heating and ventilation, and supports for multi-directional electric adjustment.

The rear row room is not spacious, just like Haval H6 due to the limited wheelbase.

There is an air conditioning vent and an air purifier in the rear.

The rear row seats can be folded down by split into a 60:40 ratio, and it can be folded flat.

WEY VV5 is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 197 horsepower, it is the same engine as Haval H6, WEY VV5 also matches with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. Therefore, there is no essential difference in the power system between WEY VV5 and Haval H6 top trim level model.

Then, how the specific driving experience of the WEY VV5, and what is the difference between Haval H6 and VV5, how is the workmanship and quality? Please continue to pay attention to our latest post about test drive and review.