Spy Photos of all-new Haval H6 leaked with new appearance


At the beginning of April this year, it was revealed that the Haval H6 will usher in a new generation. The new car is built on the new platform of Great Wall Motors. The space performance is better, and it will have hybrid, HEV and PHEV. Recently, a set of spy photos of a suspected new Haval H6 was revealed online. The exterior of the car uses a new design language, adding many sports elements. In terms of power, the new Haval H6 is expected to be powered by the third-generation 1.5T engine of Great Wall Motors, which is stronger than the 1.5T currently used.

The new car gives the first impression that it is very capable. The headlights on both sides are slender and flat, which widens the overall visual width of the head. It is expected that traditional lens headlights and matrix LED headlights will be used according to different configurations. The design of the front grille is flat, the internal trim is denser, more imposing than the current model.

The shape of the bumper area is significantly different from that of the current model. The fog lamp areas on both sides are triangular in shape, incorporating vertical strip-shaped LED light strips and adding chrome trim. The lower bumper adopts a three-stage air inlet or incorporates a black matte trim. On the side of the body, the new Haval H6 uses a bar-type double waistline design, the rear window area is larger than the current model. The body length and the riding space in the car will perform better.

The new Haval H6 adopts the design of a penetrating tail light group that flows from now on, the tail looks layered. In addition, the new car uses a hidden exhaust layout design, with a large black area underneath. The new Haval H6 uses the Great Wall Motor’s new B30 platform, with a body length of about 4.65 meters (4600mm in cash).

In terms of interior, the new Haval H6 has also undergone major adjustments, it is equipped with two LCD screens that are not small in size, which are particularly conspicuous. In addition, the new car also uses a knob-type gear shift and is equipped with an electronic handbrake, which is very similar to a new energy model. In addition, the “T” shaped area in front of the armrest is hollowed out to further enhance the storage capacity and is expected to increase the wireless charging function.

The new car will most likely be powered by the Great Wall Motor’s third-generation 1.5T engine. The engine has been slightly adjusted for the bore and stroke. The maximum thermal efficiency can reach 38%, which meets the national VI b and Euro VI d emission standards, the transmission system is expected to still match the 7DCT gearbox.