Spy Photos Leaks: HAVAL All-New SUV or be a New Series after H and F


We got the latest road test spy photos of an all-new SUV model of Haval. From the spy photos, the body was camouflaged a lot, the whole looks very tough. It is reported that the new car will be independent of the Haval H and F series, and is expected to be officially launched in the second half of the year, which will further enrich the Haval brand product matrix.

It can be seen from the spy photos that the shape of the new car is quite different from the existing Haval model. The front face of the new car looks quite square. The headlights use a round shape and a larger front grille, making the new car look very tough.

From the side of the body, the new car adopts a straight roofline, so the design is able to get better headroom. From the rear, the car adopts an inverted L shape, the interior of the lamp cavity is three-stage design, equipped with LED light source, supplemented with chrome-plated decorative embellishment.

The interior also uses a square design, highlighting the tough style of the new car. This Haval model adopts a brand-new instrument shape, combined with a large-sized central control LCD screen and a similar type of air-conditioning outlet, which enhances the sense of fashion. At the same time, the new car also uses a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, knob-type gear shift, and diamond-shaped leather seats. In addition, the new car is decorated with orange in its hand box. At present, the official information about the power of the new car has not been disclosed, we will continue to pay attention.