Haval’s new SUV model patent images exposed, suspected all-new Haval H6


As the best-selling compact SUV in the Chinese market, Haval H6 has occupied the SUV sales crown for 83 months. After 9 years, Haval H6 is about to usher in a replacement model.

After the appearance patent map, recently, we obtained a set of interior patent images of the suspected new generation Haval H6 from the Internet. The new car is equipped with two large-size LCD screens, which is full of technology. According to previous news, the car is expected to be mass-produced off the assembly line in July and will be available in August as soon as possible.

According to the patent picture, the new H6 does not use the popular dual-screen design, but is equipped with two large floating LCD screens. In addition, the new car also uses a knob-type shift, and is equipped with an electronic handbrake.

In detail, the center console of new H6 features a double-layer design, the front and lower areas of the central armchair have been hollowed out, which further enriches the storage space.

Judging from the previous appearance patent drawings, the new car adopts the sharp body shape of the Haval family. The front face part is composed of a hexagonal air intake grille with narrow and long headlights.

The rear styling is more rounded, and the bar-type taillights further widen the visual experience. It is reported that the new car will be built on a new platform, the length of the car will reach about 4650mm, an increase of 50mm compared to the current 4600mm.

In terms of power, according to previous reports, the all-new Haval H6 will be powered by the Great Wall Motor’s third-generation EB series 1.5T engine, and provide two versions of low power (EB06) and high power (EB07), the maximum power is 163 horsepower and 183 horsepower respectively, the maximum thermal efficiency of the engine can reach 38%.