All-new Haval H5 is available for sale on the Chinese market starting from 122,800 yuan


On August 21st, we learned from the official information of Haval that its large SUV, the all-new Haval H5, was officially launched. The new car has a total of six configurations, with a price range of 122,800 to 157,800 yuan in the Chinese market. As an all new model, it was born on the TANK platform and adopts a non-load-bearing body, providing a 2.0T diesel/gasoline engine, greatly improving the vehicle’s playability.

In terms of appearance, the all-new Haval H5 adopts a brand new design style, bringing the overall visual effect to the rugged feel of an American style hardcore SUV. Specifically, the front of the car is composed of sturdy chrome trim, with a dual grille featuring the HAVAL logo in the center, and a simple and practical front bumper design. Of course, the large polygonal light group also makes this car look bright and energetic.

From the side of the vehicle, the front and rear wheel arches of the car adopt a slightly raised design style, which brings a good muscle feel. At the same time, it has a sturdy C-pillar, while the D-pillar is painted in black, similar to the style of some American SUVs. In addition, the addition of dense spoke wheels also appropriately enhances the vehicle’s sense of fashion.

The design of the rear of the car is relatively simpler, with vertically arranged tail lights on both sides, connected by decorative strips in the center, and rectangular exhaust on both sides at the bottom of the rear. In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of the car are 5190/1905/1835mm, and the wheelbase is 3140mm, positioning it as a large SUV. In addition, it also has a 25 ° approach angle, a 22 ° departure angle, a 200mm ground clearance, and a 600mm wading depth.

The interior of the car is designed in a moderate manner, retaining a tough vibe, but also keeping up with the current design trend. The car adopts a floating instrument panel and a 12.3-inch central control screen, but a large number of physical buttons are still retained in the central control area. It is worth mentioning that it has an oversized trunk with a maximum depth of 1965mm and a maximum volume of 2116L.

In terms of power, the car provides 2.0T power, with a gasoline version with a maximum power of 218 horsepower (160 kW) and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The diesel version has a maximum power of 166 horsepower (122 kW). The chassis adopts a non load bearing type, equipped with front double wishbone independent suspension, rear five link integral axle suspension, and will be equipped with a time-sharing four-wheel drive system and Eaton mechanical differential lock.

Because the all-new Haval H5 adopts a non load-bearing body design, giving it off-road attributes, making it more appealing to niche off-road players. And these consumers also value the off-road capability of their vehicles more, and the level and pricing of the vehicles are relatively lower. Combining multiple dimensions, the all-new Haval H5 will compete with hardcore models such as the BAIC BJ60, BJ80, and Jeep Wrangler. Of course, with the launch of this car, it is not only aimed at off-road players. Due to the exquisite appearance/interior of the vehicle, it can also meet the needs of family use, and is expected to attract many consumers who plan to purchase urban SUVs to pay for it.