2023 Haval Dargo will go live on the Chinese market soon


Recently, we learned from the official that the new Haval Dargo will be launched on July 25. The exterior design of the new car has been adjusted, and the power of the engine of the 2.0T has also been increased. In addition, the new car also upgrades the material of the central control sub-dashboard, cancels the fixed side pedals and upgrades the horn and whistle. For reference, the price range of the current Haval Dargo is 119,900 to 167,900 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new car is equipped with a newly designed front face style, and the thicker grille is tougher than the current model. At the same time, the Haval badge on the front of the car has also increased several times. The black font looks very domineering, and it also has a bit of the hardcore meaning of tank brand models. The retro circular headlights have been retained, and the interior uses LED light sources and ring-shaped LED light strips to achieve a fusion of retro and technological sense.

The side of the new car has not changed much, and it still continues the square and tough body shape. The length, width and height of the body are 4620/1890/1780mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2738mm. The design of the rear of the car is still full of wildness, and the silver lower guard plate looks very combative.


The interior is basically the same as the old model, the overall design is very unique, the handle in front of the co-pilot and the design of the instrument panel are very prominent. In addition, the whole car uses a rectangular design, which also adds a sense of uniqueness. The new car is also equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel. The central control center adopts a built-in multimedia display screen, and the central aisle area is also equipped with a knob-type electronic shift mechanism, creating a good sense of technology.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a more powerful 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 175kW and a maximum torque of 385N m. In terms of transmission system, the 2.0T model is equipped with a 9DCT gearbox, while the 1.5T model continues to use a 7DCT gearbox. In addition, Haval Dargo uses a front McPherson/rear multi-link independent suspension configuration. Depending on the configuration, this car is also available in a timely four-wheel drive version with a multi-clutch central differential structure and a rear differential lock.