Great Wall Motors WEY brand Naked a All-Electric Concept SUV – WEY X At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


The WEY brand from Great Wall Motors (GMW) debuted a pure electric concept SUV – the WEY X at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, positioned in a mid-size SUV, features suicide door, offical claimed it will equip with 190kW power motor, 710 km range, supports wireless charging, 4.5S in 0-100kmh acceleration time, top speed of 200km/h.

In terms of appearance, the front face of WEY X adopts grille-less large mouth design, and the long and narrow headlights on both sides are sharp in shape, and still maintain the style of the WEY family’s existing design language.

The taillights use the popular bar-style OLED light source, WEY X features a five-spoke rim and adds mint green to the details to create a sense of future sci-fi.

In the interior, from left to right, the center console section deploy a full LCD instrument, WEY smart internet display and infotainment system display. The racing style steering wheel is also embedded with a display, and the door panel is also equipped with a rear view camera display. And a phone dock that supports wireless charging/interconnecting.

WEY X concept car is equipped with a large touch screen that runs through the main and auxiliary drivers, and is equipped with interactive functions such as face recognition. According to GMW official, WEY X will also support L5-class autopilot technology, seat support flipped to turn the car into a mobile living room.

In terms of power, the front and rear motors provide 130kW and 190kW respectively, enabling the vehicle to achieve an acceleration time of 4.5s from 0 to 100km/h, a top speed of 200km/h and a cruising range of 710km.

Anyway we don’t when it will be in mass production, it is only a concept car. The official of GMW also said that WEY brand will launch a hydrogen energy concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show.