Great Wall Motors Debuted Haval H9 Lorinser Refitted Version


Great Wall Motors debuted Haval H9 Lorinser Refitted Version on October 2nd, This vehicle is based on the 2020 Haval H9, which was just launched in August this year, it is the first model jointly built by Great Wall Motors and Lorinser. Since its launch, Haval H9 has achieved good performance in hard-core SUV with its powerful off-road performance, the modified version is based on the H9 off-road gene, focusing on the appearance of the transformation, making it a tough guy.

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The front face features a large number of off-road kits, the horizontal chrome-plated grille becomes black, and the grille outline, the bottom bumper, the fog lights on both sides, and the “HAVAL” LOGO on the red background show the wild man spirit, the whole front face looks more visually tough and simple.

From the side view, the biggest change of the modified version is the higher chassis. After the rough off-road tires are replaced, Haval H9 has a higher ground clearance, which can guarantee various road conditions and greatly enhance the off-road capability. In addition, it added the outer wheel arch, the replacement of black anti-slip side skirt, the additional LED lighting on the roof and the black roof luggage are included. This series of components can show the strength of the off-road.

The interior is based on luxury and comfort, using the red and black tones in overall to stimulate a strong visual impact. It is reported that the skyline roof can also be optionally installed.

The power system was not disclosed at the moment. The high probability of continuing the Haval H9’s existing power system, the 2.0T turbocharged engine with maximum power of 165KW and the 8-AT transmission.