All-New Lynk & Co 08 Made Debut in China Featuring Meizu Flyme


On March 25th, Lynk & Co 08 officially debuted. In the transformation stage of automobile electrification in China, Lynk & Co is also following the pace. This is Lynk & Co‘s first model driven by new energy technology. It is built based on the CMA2.0 architecture and positioned as a mid-size SUV.

In terms of design, what is more interesting is that Lynk & Co 08 actually adopts a new generation of Lynk & Co design language, which is the second generation design based on the previous THE NEXT DAY concept car. But this set of designs was released first by Lynk & Co 009 and Lynk & Co X.

Lynk & Co 08 has a new style of bar-type head and tail LED light sources, split headlights, semi-closed front face design, air intake at the bottom, is expected to have frameless doors and rearview mirrors, the length, width and height of the new car are 4820/1915/1685mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2848mm.

The daytime running lights have evolved from Lynk & Co’s first-generation design. The flatter and graphic design makes the entire front face more precise and modern. There is a longitudinally extending badge breathing light strip on both sides of the front of the car, which displays the breathing light effect as the vehicle is being charged, and flashes to welcome the user when they approach the vehicle. The turn signal and camera are integrated on the light strip at the same time, and the ingenious integrated design becomes the finishing touch of the whole vehicle.

Compared with the solid and stable style of Lynk & Co 09, Lynk & Co 08 breaks those horizontal and vertical lines and reconstructs them to form a more unique shape. The new car adopts the popular hidden door handle design, black wheel eyebrows and side skirts, which make the whole side more layered. In addition, the new car also uses 21-inch long cruising wind-breaking wheels, and the special design can reduce the air resistance generated during driving.

In terms of interior design, Lynk & Co 08 features an all-new design language. The layout of the entire cockpit is very simple, but without losing the sense of technology, it is a simple Nordic style. Especially in terms of materials, it pays more attention to the concept of environmental protection. For example, the seats, center console, and door panels are all made of recyclable and renewable suede, and the interior trim strips are also made of more environmentally friendly PVD technology. In addition, innovative and environmentally friendly materials are used for carpets and ceilings.

The floating central control screen adopts a narrow-edge design with a size of 15.4 inches. It uses LTPS LCD display technology with a resolution of up to 2560*1600. It will be equipped with Meizu’s Flyme Auto infotainment system.

For the power part, the Lynk & Co 08 will be equipped with a newly developed four-cylinder hybrid engine and a special electric hybrid gearbox under the Lynk E-Motive intelligent electric hybrid system. The official details have not yet been announced, and it is expected to focus on 1.5T plug-in hybrid.