Lynk & Co 09 Pre-sale starts at 270,000 Yuan in the Chinese Market


Geely Auto and Volvo created a joint venture brand named Lynk & Co. Recently, we learned from the brand that the Lynk & Co 09, sitting in the flagship SUV model, will be launched at the Lynk & Co brand’s 5th-anniversary ceremony, which is scheduled on October 20. The Lynk & Co 09 is a medium and large SUV based on the SPA architecture. At the same time, the new car has been on pre-sale for quite some time now. However, the brand had launched only three variants in the early stage, i.e., in the pre-booking stage. The vehicle was available in pre-sale for a price tag of 270,000 Yuan (USD 41,882) and 350,000 Yuan (USD 54,290) for the three MHEV (mild hybrid electric vehicle) variants.

While the price of three PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) variants starts between 320,000 Yuan (USD 49,633) and 375,000 Yuan (USD 58,126). Please note that the above pre-sale price is the price after including optional parts. The Halo version of the Lynk & Co 09 MHEV can be equipped with the luxury upgrade package. One can also equip the MHEV models with the LCP advanced driver assistance package. At the same time, the top-end version of the Lynk & Co 09 MHEV/PHEV can be equipped with an air suspension system and an active air intake grille.

Lynk & Co 09 Exterior!

In terms of appearance, the Lynk & Co 09 still maintains the design of the Lynk & Co family. It uses the classic split headlights. The LED daytime running lights seen above beam lights are placed vertically on the front of the car. At the same time, the far and near beam lights are perfectly integrated with the front grille. The new car uses a large-size straight waterfall front grille. The same is connected to the iconic split headlights to form a T-shaped shape with high recognition.

When one views the body from the sides, the overall size of the new car is even more significant. The front and rear wheel eyebrows are drawn with multiple lines. It is also combined with the concave shape design under the door. In addition to this, the densely-spoke large-size rims make the new car look excellent.

To the rear of the new vehicle, it adopts a brand-new design for the taillight. The long and narrow shape is more advanced. The LED lamp module is arranged vertically and horizontally inside. The same is also very recognizable after being lit. In addition, the rear enclosure of the new car is also equipped with a four-outlet exhaust layout on both sides, which is calm and sporty.

Lynk & Co Interior!

In terms of interior styling, the new car follows the interior design style of the current Lynk & Co family. The flat-bottomed three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is paired with a 12-inch built-in central control LCD screen. It also gets a through-type air-conditioning vent making the new car look very classy. At the same time, the iconic handlebar shape and the layout around the handlebar have a more common visual effect.

Engine Specifications!

In terms of power, the entire Lynk & Co 09 series is equipped with a 2.0L hybrid engine. The brand also provides users with a variety of power combinations. Among them, the Lynk & Co 09 MHEV models are equipped with Drive-E 2.0T T5 engines. It can produce a maximum power of 254 PS (187kW) and a peak torque of 350 Nm. The same has a fuel consumption of 7.9L (NEDC)/ 9L (WLTC) per hundred kilometers and is matched with an 8AT transmission.

Lynk & Co 09 PHEV model is equipped with Drive-E 2.0T T8 engine and P1+P4 dual-motor golden power combination. The same can produce a maximum power of 431 PS (317kW) and a peak torque of 659 Nm. The acceleration time required to reach from 0 to 100 kilometers is only 5.6 seconds. Like the MHEV model, it is also paired with an 8AT transmission. The new car will use an air suspension system. It can realize the intelligent adjustment of the ground clearance between 160mm-250mm.

In addition, Lynk & Co previously announced that the Lynk & Co 09 would be equipped with an FYRA four-wheel-drive system. It has the sixth-generation intelligent full-time four-wheel-drive of BorgWarner Haldex. The same comes with eight scene modes, i.e., comfort, economy, sports, personalization, snow, sand, rock, mud. It also gets intelligent interactive linkage of the whole scene, especially in the off-road scene where it automatically matches the ambient light in the car. At the same time, it also has a “migratory” intelligent energy management system. These include pure electric mode, hybrid mode, pure gasoline power mode, personalized mode, and off-road mode.