Lynk & Co The Next Day Concept Car Debuted at Chengdu


During the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show, Lynk & Co brought its new concept car The Next Day to the audience. This car was previously released online, and this is the first offline exhibition. As can be seen from the name, this car represents the future design direction of Lynk & Co.

First of all, this new concept car has an extremely individual appearance design. The whole car uses a large number of polylines to construct a complex profile, which brings a three-dimensional and futuristic sense. As a hybrid model, its front adopts a simple design style, but also retains the ventilation holes. The penetrating daytime running lights are called the light of dawn, and the design concept comes from the scene where the sun diffuses from the horizon, which is full of ritual. The styling of the front apron is a performance style, which also indicates that it has a more powerful power system.

The design of the rear echoes the style of the front face, and the extremely complex rear brings a strong sense of movement.

The interior styling of The Next Day is based on simplicity, with a screen integrated inside the shaped steering wheel, replacing the traditional gauges. The central control part uses a hanging method to place a super-sized screen, and with black wood decoration, it brings a sense of luxury. The car is a four-seater, and the handcrafted Dawn gradient carpet echoes the body color inside and out. The velvet material seat not only highlights the high-end texture, but also has sports attributes.

In the power system part, the car adopts Lynk & Co E-Motive technology, which covers 3 high thermal efficiency and high performance hybrid engines, 2 high efficiency hybrid transmissions, and matches a variety of high-performance power batteries of different specifications and two models. High-power rear-drive motor; provides two power forms, EM-F (HEV) and EM-P (PHEV); EM-P can realize two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive, standard/long battery life/ultra-long battery life and other product configurations.