Spy Photo for New Trumpchi GA6, to Debut on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show as well as ENTRANZE Concept Car


Recently, GAC Trumpchi announced the debut lineup on the upcoming 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, mainly including the new generation of Trumpchi GA6, and the ENTRANZE concept car positioned as pure electric SUV.

From the previously exposed spy photos, 2019 Trumpchi GA6 will use the latest family-owned interior and exterior design, the classic Alfa Romeo platform for the current GA6 model will be discarded. Both appearance and interior will have a big change.

The 2019 Trumpchi GA6 prototype is wearing a layer of camouflage, but it can still be seen that it shares a lot of modeling elements with the GM6: the hexagonal intake grille, the shape and detail design is very similar to the GM6, the taillights are also designed with a through-style design similar to the GM6.

The interior of the new car has also undergone tremendous changes, just like the GS5 model that was just listed: large-size instrument panel + central control screen, GS5-like gear area design, high center armrest table, the nice leather seats are impressive.

In terms of power, the new generation GA6 will use the same 4A15M1 and 4A15J1 1.5litre turbo engines as the GS5, and match Aisin 6AT gearbox or 6MT gearbox. The 4A15M1 engine was mounted on some earlier Trumpchi models with a maximum power of 112kW (152PS, 150HP) and a peak torque of 235N·m. The updated 4A15J1 1.5litre turbo engine has a maximum power of 124kW (169PS, 166HP) and a peak torque of 265N·m.

Trumpchi GA6 is a mid-level sedan released by GAC on December 20th, 2014. The current on-sale models are still 2016 version. In recent years, the Chinese market is popular with SUV, the focus of GAC is also on SUV models, that’s why GA6 has not yet been updated.

ENTRANZE concept car

GAC Trumpchi ENTRANZE concept car has been unveiled at the North American Auto Show in 2019, adopting a fully enclosed front grille design, indicating its identity as an all-electric car. The front of the car is round and flat, there is a long and narrow light strip above the engine compartment cover. The seat layout is 3+2+2.

About GAC Trumpchi

Trumpchi (Chinese say ”传祺” Chuanqi, means Legend) is the automotive marque owned by the Chinese automaker GAC Group. It was launched in December 2010.

GAC began the construction of facilities to produce vehicles for a new own-brand automotive marque in 2008. The first Trumpchi model to go into production, the Trumpchi GA5 Sedan, a four-door mid-size saloon car model based on the platform of the Alfa Romeo 166, went into mass production in September 2010. The first 500 Trumpchi Sedans produced were delivered to the organizing committee of the 2010 Asian Games in October 2010.

Trumpchi brand is sold to domestic Chinese consumers, but the company plans overseas sales in the U.S. as soon as 2019 although doing so may require a name-change (due to its similarity with current U.S. president Donald Trump), in addition to meeting US regulatory hurdles.