Spy Photos: Hongqi LS5 Is Totally a Chinese Range Rover


We obtained a set of spy photos of Hongqi LS5 mass production vehicle from the relevant channels. The new car is positioned in a mid-to-large SUV, shape is quite huge, the interior highlights the luxury quality, the new car will be powered by a 4.0T engine. It is reported that the new car will be listed next spring, it will become the flagship SUV of Hongqi brand.

Hongqi LS5 made it debut at the Shanghai Auto Show as early as 2015, it was expected to launch in 2016, but there is still no date when it will be listed.

The front grille of Hongqi LS5 is designed with a family-style vertical spoke and chrome-plated, the headlights are square in shape and large in size, the outside is blackened and blended with the front grille, the new car uses large number of straight strip elements to outline the masculine and tough outline.

The design of the rear end is also very tough, the shape is simple, the tail light group uses LED light source, and it has a bilateral double exhaust layout design. In terms of body size, the new car has a width and height of 5198×2098×1890 mm and wheelbase of 3,060 mm, it is really a monster.

The domineering appearance and the square shape are all related to the Land Rover Range Rover, this is indeed the case, whatever the front or rear end, the Hongqi LS5 is totally a Range Rover, as a Chinese national vehicle brand, it is really embarrassed.

In the interior, the new car adopts black and white two-tone matching. In the central control area and the door panel, a large number of leather wraps are used, and decorated with wood-patterned plaques, the luxurious atmosphere is very sufficient. The central control part is equipped with a large-sized multimedia touch screen as well as some touch buttons. In terms of configuration, the new car will feature an electronic gear, push-button starter, and an electronic handbrake.

In terms of power, the new car will be powered by a 4.0T engine independently developed by FAW, the engine has maximum power of 280 kW and peak torque of 530 Nm. The transmission is matched with 8 AT gearbox.

This is Hongqi LS5 debuted on 2015 Shanghai Auto Show: