FAW’s Flagship SUV: Hongqi LS7 officially opened for pre-sale


On April 24, FAWHongqi officially announced that its new large SUV, the Hongqi LS7, was officially unveiled and opened for pre-sale. As a new SUV of the Hongqi L series, the new car has a huge body shape and is equipped with a 4.0T turbocharged V8 engine.

As a large SUV, the Hongqi LS7 has a huge body size. The length, width and height of the new car are 5695/2095/1985mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3309mm. This size far exceeds that of most passenger cars on the road. Thanks to the family-oriented design, the Hongqi LS7 continues the alpine waterfall air intake grille, embellished with chrome-plated decoration, the headlight group is simple in shape, and the interior lamp cavity is outlined by the LED light source, and there are three additional lenses below. The turn signals are also placed here. It is worth mentioning that Hongqi will also provide a new liftable logo for the LS7 in 2023.

From the side, the Hongqi LS7 has a tall body, and the length ratio looks more harmonious. Among them, the huge space behind the C-pillar makes the whole car look extra slender. With the chrome-plated D-pillar shape and the new “red flag” LOGO on the front fender, it looks particularly conspicuous. It is worth mentioning that the new car uses the exclusive golden sunflower LOGO of the L series.

The classic elements inherited from the rear are still very obvious. The first is the conspicuous Tiananmen-shaped chrome trim, which is paired with the running taillights to make the new car highly recognizable. At the same time, Hongqi’s classic “square” chrome trim is hidden in the rear bumper. It is reported that the new car will use a non-load-bearing body with a minimum ground clearance of 246mm. It is worth mentioning that the new car will provide 3 kinds of single-color car paint and 2 kinds of two-color car paint options, and will also provide hand-drawn waistline options in the future.

Compared with the domineering appearance, the interior of the Hongqi LS7 is definitely full of classical and noble style. The symmetrical center console shape is embellished with a large number of solid wood, leather and metal decorations, among which the double-spoke steering wheel shape is already popular trend, but the semi-circular chrome decoration below is actually a speaker controller, a quartz clock is inlaid in the center of the center console.

The official map of the four-seat version released earlier shows the top-level rear-seat experience of the Hongqi LS7. The independent rear seats have leg drags and support backrest angle adjustment. The large central armrest provides various functions for controlling the interior of the vehicle. The golden door handle on the door panel is matched with a sound cover, supplemented by a solid wood decorative strip with laser-engraved hairy red flag Chinese characters, which further highlights the luxury of the vehicle. The new car will also provide a 6-seat version later.

In terms of power, the powertrain of this large SUV is derived from a 4.0T turbocharged V8 engine with a maximum power of 265kW and a peak torque of 500 Nm. In terms of transmission, it will be matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF, and the new car will also use a four-wheel drive layout. In the future, the new car will also provide new energy powertrains.