FAW Hongqi HS7 Debuted on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, V6 Engine Will Be Available


FAW Hongqi HS7 debuted at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Hongqi HS7 is positioned in a large-size SUV, sharing the platform with Hongqi H7 and will be available during the year. Hongqi HS7 draws on the design style of its S-Concept concept car. It uses Hongqi family’s latest straight-plated chrome front grille, which is adorned with red elements. Under the headlights of the LED light source, HS7 looks very strong and powerful.

In terms of appearance, the front of Hogqi HS7 is equipped with a polygonal headlight group on both sides, a C-shaped LED daytime lighting belt is integrated inside, the design of the bumper is also very sporty.

The HS7 has a length, width and height of 5035/1989/1778 (1756) mm and wheelbase of 3008 mm. It is a large SUV and the tires are 20-inch Hankook series.

Jump to the interior, the center console of HS7 is equipped with the very popular upper and lower dual-screen design in the current China automotive market. The two screens are clearly defined, making the physical buttons on the entire center console particularly small. Strong sense of technology. Hongqi HS7 is equipped with a full LCD dashboard and an electronic gear-lever, both of which are preferred by Chinese consumers.

As for the power, Hongqi HS7 will be powered by a new self-developed 3.0T 6-cylinder supercharged engine model CA6GV30TD with rated power of 248kW (332hp), torque of 445N·m, it will be also available in 2.0T turbocharged engine to meet the practical needs of different consumers. It will match the 8AT gearbox from Aisin.